Naxos: LOCKLAIR: Symphony of Seasons / Harp Concerto / Lairs of Soundings

Albany: Dan Locklair: Chamber Works


The Shining Place (Release: January, 2006)
Janeanne Houston, soprano
Robert Jorgensen, piano
Shannon Spicciati, oboe
For our time, songs by living American composers that are virtuosic, creative, and passionate, that grab the heart and bring it into the light.
So Much Beauty 
Janeanne Houston, soprano
Robert Jorgensen, piano
Richly textured contemporary songs in English by living composers for voice and piano, joined in two works by clarinet or oboe. For lovers of music that is wedded to poetry, this recording celebrates our connection to the natural world.
Living Mysteries 
Janeanne Houston, soprano
A concert of lyrical, ageless, poetic songs and arias dating from the Baroque era to the present and performed with a chamber ensemble of winds, strings and piano.
So Great a Joy
Janeanne Houston, soprano
Michael Kelly, Piano
Twentieth Century Classic art songs for the Christmas season or any season written by British and American Composers and selected for their beauty, approachability, and for the strength of the poetry.